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The First Journey, My First Day

The First Journey, My First Day


Language/s: English, Vietnamese
Country Connection: Vietnam
Reader Age: Early, Younger
Genre: Fiction

This is no ordinary first journey. The rainy season has come to the Mekong Delta, and An, a young Vietnamese boy, sets out alone in a wooden boat wearing a little backpack and armed only with a single oar. On the way, he is confronted by giant crested waves, heavy rainfall and eerie forests where fear takes hold of him. Although daunted by the dark unknown, An realizes that he is not alone and continues to paddle. He knows it will all be worth it when he reaches his destination--one familiar to children all over the world.

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The First Journey, My First Day

Publisher: Scholastic Asia, Make Me a World

Year: 2017, 2021

ISBN: 9780593306277