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The Women I Could Be

The Women I Could Be

Translator: Gita Wolf

Language/s: English
Country Connection: India
Reader Age: Older
Genre: nonfiction

Amazingly off-beat, feisty, fashionable, fun-loving and self-assured in every possible situation… meet the women in young artist Sangita Jogi’s mind. The images she conjures up are astonishing, in the light of the limited sphere of her own life. Sangita, with little formal schooling, was married into a labouring family when she was very young. She lives in Rajasthan, in a very traditional patriarchal set-up, where her role as a young daughter-in-law is strict and restrained. And yet she snatches time to draw whenever she can, her confident lines dreaming up endless possibilities—where desire, play and exploration make up enchanted alternative worlds that are as alive to her as her own.

SELs: self-awareness social awareness
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The Women I Could Be

Publisher: Tara Books

Year: 2021

ISBN: 9788193448533