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Pak Belang the Tiger

Pak Belang the Tiger


Language/s: English
Country Connection: Malaysia
Reader Age: Early, Younger
Genre: nonfiction

Pak Belang, as many of us know, is the Malay nickname for tiger and means Mr Stripes. Pak Belang is the King of the Malaysian forest. He is a carnivore and a top predator. But one animal is not afraid of him. Guess which? Pak Belang is a good swimmer but is not so good at climbing. He kills his prey instantly with a bite on the neck.However, Pak Belang has one great enemy – humans. Today, there are not many tigers left in the wild. Pak Belang, the Malayan tiger is on the list of critically endangered animals.

SELs: responsible decision-making
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Pak Belang the Tiger

Publisher: Oyez!

Year: 2017

ISBN: 9789670999180