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Awesome Women of Singapore

Awesome Women of Singapore


Language/s: English
Country Connection: Singapore
Reader Age: Older
Genre: Nonfiction

Awesome Women of Singapore is a collection of stories of the inspirational women found throughout the country’s past to the present day—from Hajjah Fatimah binte Sulaiman, a philanthropist who lived during Singapore’s early history, to Laurentia Tan, Singapore’s most decorated Paralympian. Lawyers, activists, soldiers, swimmers and scientists, these women, who came from all colours and creeds, fought to break the mould. The Singapore today is partly shaped through their tremendous work. Illustrated by 10 female Singapore artists, this book was produced in collaboration with the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation.
SELs: self-awareness social awareness
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Awesome Women of Singapore

Publisher: Epigram Books

Year: 2021

ISBN: 9789814901246