Birds On the Wings of Enchantment

百鸟羽衣(Bai Niao Yu Yi)

百鸟羽衣(Bai Niao Yu Yi)


Language/s: Chinese

Ah Zhuang is a hardworking farmer. He marries the beautiful Ah Cai who has come to life from a painting. The selfish king forces them to weave him a robe of feathers from one hundred birds, but he is vanquished when Ah Cai breathes life into the robe which carries the king away, and Ah Zhuang and Ah Cai are able to live their lives in joy and freedom together.

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百鸟羽衣(Bai Niao Yu Yi)

Publisher: Zhejiang Shao Nian Er Tong Chu Ban She (Hangzhou, China)

Year: 2013

ISBN: 9787534276613

National Library Board (Singapore) Call Number: Chinese JS CIG